New Stoveland Bridge

The New Stoveland Bridge




Demolition of the Old Stoveland Bridge and construction of the New Stoveland Bridge


Design and execution.


The old Stoveland Bridge was a suspension bridge that was built in 1910. The Bridge was located around 15 km upwards for Mandal City center and was at the end of its life when Mandal County announced in February 2011 a competition for the rehabilitation of the existing bridge. Nyvoll Consult AS gave an alternative offer on the demolition of the old bridge and construction of the new bridge. The new bridge has a total length of 52m and a width of 3.5 m. The longitudinal main girders are steel, the beams of creosote treated wood and wearing course of pressure treated wood. The existing abutments are reused and the project also includes building a new foundation that share the range in two.

The bridge is designed for 3 axle loads on 8 ton each giving a total permissible weight of the vehicle of 24 ton.


Total Construction

Nyvoll Consult as

Svein Ove Nyvoll


Mandal County


Leiv Bernt Kloster