Vigeland Bridge

Vigeland Bridge




Foundations and flood control of Vigeland Bridge in Lindesnes County.


Verification of the flood situation, as well as assistance for the construction and engineering.


Vigeland Bridge is a new 3-span bridge in concrete that crosses the river Audna in the Vigeland Centre. Upstream the site, the river is prone to flooding so that the management of water levels has been a central issue for the construction phase.

Nyvoll Consult as assisted AF Anlegg with optimizing of foundations and to adapt the rivers water levels and flood situation. The work has included procedures that describe the preparedness to deal with flooding during the construction phase and construction of formwork and emergency planning.

The bridge has a total length of 64m and is founded on the abutments up to each Bank, in addition to the two foundations in the river that provides 3 main spans. The superstructure is a cast concrete structure that is founded on the affected steel piles to rock. Depth to bedrock varies from almost none at the eastern riverbank up to 50m for the western abutments.


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