Demolition of the Old Nautesundet Suspension Bridge




Suspension bridge with length of 190m


Control of stability during lifting and verification of lifting operations

Spesial features

AF Decom AS has obtained the contract of demolition of Old Nautsundet Suspension bridge nearby Notodden. The demolition is carried out by dividing the roadway into elements with weight up to 20 ton and hoisting these elements with Mobil crane placed on connected barge of Flexi floats. Disconnected the Flexi float elements can be transported by road. A 200 ton Liebherr Mobil crane and a connected barge with length x with = 24,384 x 15,240m is used for the process. Nyvoll Consult has been in charge of stability of floating equipment and verification of lifting operations.


Main Contract

Nyvoll Consult as

Svein Ove Nyvoll


AF Decom Onshore AS


Vegard Pedersen