Removal and demolition of the battleship Murmansk

Removal and demolition of the battleship Murmansk



2009 - 2011


Breakwater 250.000 m3 + 650m steel sheet dry-dock


Detail engineering in cooperation with several companies.

Spesial features

AF Decom AS is awarded the contract of striping down and removing the parts from the battleship ”Murmansk” which went shipwrecked in the costal cone outside the village of Sørvær in Finnmark in 1994. The ship which is 211m long with deadweight of 17.000 tons had a crew of 1.800 sailors. Due to very disturbed sea and high waves in the area, a breakwater is being built around the ship ahead of a steel sheet dry-dock. After construction, the water is being pumped out ahead of demolition. The project includes internal roads at the dry seabed and a quay for metal shipment.

Breakwater: 200m + 250m at depts. up to 24m and top level at +6,75 NGO.

Dry-dock: 650 meters of Z-sheet piles. Top level +5,00 NGO.

Challenges: There is a geological weak zone passing through the dry dock.


Total contract

Nyvoll Consult as

Svein Ove Nyvoll


AF Decom AS (Breakwater and demolition)
AF Anlegg Havn AS (Dry-dock)

Contact persons

Vegard Pedersen
Lars Ivar Melland